Apsara Vydyula

I’ve always had a special affinity for the spiritual, and my path to being a yogi was as organic as it was incidental. My first official yoga class at age 22 lit a dormant inexplicable passion in me, and my journey acquired shape and depth from there.

I believe in the universality of yoga, across genders, age and backgrounds, and in classes, I am mindful of individual limitations and capabilities. I specialize in teaching Vinyasa Yoga and modify the practice by using props when required. I will always be a student of yoga and continue learning.

I’m a certified teacher with Yoga Alliance and World Yoga Organization. I’m blessed to have learned the Ashtanga practice directly from Mysore with Ramesh ji, a lifetime member of the Mysore Yoga Association as well as from Ravi and Sreemathy, direct disciples of guru Sri K Pattabhi Jois.

I currently live in Chennai, India where I teach at Subasheelam Dance Academy, Thiruvanmiyur, ECR.

Varsha Vydyula

I am a visual artist, yoga practitioner and teacher. Yoga has always been an integral part of my life, keeping me centered, light and positive.

While I will always be a student of yoga it is my joy to spread yoga education to fellow practitioners.

I am a certified yoga teacher with the International Yoga Academy. I formally studied Hatha yoga in Asana Andiappan College in Chennai, India, where I was fortunate to train directly under the tutelage of Andiappan guruji and other accomplished yoga teachers.

I practice and teach yoga from my home studio in Cleveland, Ohio, where I live with my husband and fur babies.

About Us

The most exciting part about growing up in South India, was our immersive experience and early exposure to practices and principles of yoga in everyday life. Though we were born and raised in a traditional Hindu Brahmin family, our upbringing was far from religious and we were always encouraged to seek our own spiritual path. Our joint family consisted of aunts and grandmothers preaching and observing ahimsa practices through diet and lifestyle and uncles and grandfathers loudly practicing cleansing techniques in the morning. We still remember our grandfather’s kit, full of natural remedies to common health problems like allergies, cuts and bruises and solutions to household issues.

At a young age we were introduced to yoga asana largely due to our mother. She applied these practices to sustain her life as a professional dancer, which put a lot of stress on her knees and joints. Our formative experiences taught us early on that yoga works. There is no greater teacher than the one within.